What to do this Winter


Confucius say .. When snow obscures boss … best shoot indoors!

So, as we wave goodbye to the summer season and move indoors … what is there for us to do in the hall? The 252 is an outdoors only badge and there isn’t the challenge of distance to experiment with. What can we do at 18m other than just shoot?
Well, you might be surprised just how much we can get up to indoors…

Classifications: Here if you shoot 3 rounds over the winter season and submit them to the records officer via the Archers Toolbox app … for achieving certain levels of scores you can get a badge that displays your level of ability indoors – your indoor classification badge. Succeed and the club will present you with your first classification badge. Yes, we are supplying you with a gateway badge to get you addicted to improving! ;o) For those of us who got a badge last year, our classification has expired and we need to classify again! 
Details of how the classification system works can be found on the Classification page oddly enough.

indoor classification badges

Indoors Badge: For many years now, Glasgow Archers have run their own indoor award. Somewhat unimaginatively named the Badge Night Badge, you shoot a Bray 1. Thats 30 arrows at 20 yards on a 40cm face. Requiring just one score to achieve, you submit it to the records officer via the Archers Toolbox app. Your score will determine the colour of badge you achieve. Details about the badge, the rules of the round, cost and the required scores for each type of bow can be found on the Badge Night Badge page.

badge night badges

And then there are the fun events…


nestled in amongst the medals … a sweet victory!

Chocolate Challenge: Held every so often during the winter, the Chocolate Challenge is the brainchild of Michael Mather. A ranking round of a dozen arrows is shot. The highest scoring archer is paired with the lowest, second highest with second lowest and so on. Then these teams have to shoot a variety of ends where the rules change at the drop of a hat. 45 seconds to shoot 3 arrows, only blue scores points, outer 1 ring now scores 10 and so on till the 10 ring scores 1, the Vice Chair isn’t allowed to shoot his own bow. It’s the archery equivalent of chaos. The reward for the team with the highest and lowest scores is sweet sweet chocolate … thus the Chocolate Challenge is pretty popular. There’s usually tubs of sweets available for mid round snacks as well.


Hitting this spider is much easier!

Halloween: Held on the nearest Wednesday to the spookiest of evenings, this is all about fancy dress, shooting as a team and some pretty strange targets with not so normal rules.
There are also more sweets on hand than any dietician would be happy with. With the teams balanced across skill, bow type or if the Graveyard Captain is peeved at you … Anyone can win. There can be a cash prize!

This winter it’s all go. Better get started on those indoor classifications and badges … we’ll be going outside again all too soon!

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Blizzard Image by Hans from Pixabay

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