Meet the team

Every club is held together and given direction by the efforts and commitment of a small number of people. They are quite often the people that give the club its character and its atmosphere. Currently these are the people that keep Glasgow Archers moving …


penguin-24598_640Coaches are volunteers who assist members with practice and performance. Each will have passed coaching courses as stipulated by Archery GB/ Scottish Archery and are extremely knowledgeable about archery both generally (form, technique and problem resolution) as well as specifically (regarding kit, tuning and personal improvement).
Our current coaches are:

David Hutton                         Michael Mather                         Bill Aitcheson
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antsThe club is run by a team of volunteers who are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting. All of them work tirelessly for the club with nary a break, life outside archery (no exaggeration in one case) nor trip to toilet. Admittedly they do break for biscuits! Here is the list of current committee members as elected at our last AGM in November 2021.

Chair Person: David Hutton
Vice-Chair**: George Davidson
Treasurer: Tony Martin
Secretary: Kim Hoy
Membership Secretary: Michael Mather
Tournament Organiser and Chef (Aka Captain Sausage): John Strang 
Sausage Coordinator and Strang Wrangler: Oksana Peterson
Child Well-being and Protection Officer: Bill Aitcheson
Records Officer: Stephanie Hall
Equipment Officer: Gonçalo Baptista

** We’re not actually sure what a vice-chair normally does but this one is an equipment nerd who looks after on field operations as our perennial line captain/safety officer. He fulfils this role EVERY weekend and Wednesday evening. His first and only missed session since we lifted lockdown 1st July 2020 was due to him being pinged after some 13 and a half months of continuous unbroken attendance. He was not happy to see his run broken and god only knows what he did that evening instead of shooting! Thank the archery gods we don’t have to pay him! If he ever missed a session mysteriously, we’d worry he was dead.

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Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay