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Glasgow Archers would like to show its support for Ukraine & Ukrainians but especially show its love for our own Oksana.

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75th logo archGlasgow Archers was founded in 1948 and moved to Craigholme Sports Centre in 1973.
So here in 2023, we’d like to welcome you to both the club’s Diamond Anniversary of its founding and the Golden Anniversary of GA being resident on the same field … which was renamed from Craigholme to H@PP (Hutchesons’ @ Pollock Park) in 2021.

So, welcome over … Glasgow Archers! As we said, we were formed in 1948 (when some of our members shot in pubs on dart boards against darts players!!!) and have catered for archers of all abilities and styles (except crossbow) throughout that time. From humble beginnings, the club has grown and contracted over the years depending on the current popularity of archery with club members spanning the generations. At last count we have in excess of 70 members having recently taken on graduates from our autumn beginners class and have quite a few associate members from other clubs. In May 2023 we became a registered charity with the goal of bringing archery’s mental and physical benefits to a wider audience as well as looking to create a centre of excellence for archery in Glasgow.


The membership is extremely varied … from beginners to past and current internationalists. Juniors (12+) to the more senior. Traditional to Hi-Tech. Social to the Serious. The vast majority of archery abilities, styles and bow types (except crossbow) are present at GA and actively encouraged. Coaching and mentoring are hugely important to us with our more experienced members, in addition to our coaches, assisting beginners as they progress. Our experienced archers even assist each other .. wither they like it or not! ;o) Glasgow Archers is honoured to have coach Michael Mather (past internationalist and two-time past CEO of Scottish Archery) on our team.
We are affiliated with the Scottish Archery Association, Archery GB and World Archery.

So, are you looking for something new to do or perhaps you and archery are exchanging interested glances? Please, feel free to browse our site. Archery talk can get dry and dull fast, but we try to give you everything in an entertaining and often funny way**. Use the drop-down menu bar above (the down pointing triangle means mouse over for options) to check out our book reviews, factual pieces, the news&blog for eclectic views on Toxophilia, the archery humour page or the useful pdfs (which you can download and keep for reference) all of which are definitely not your usual dry archery waffle.

Thank you for dropping by and we hope you find something of interest as you browse the website. If you do find anything interesting, have any questions, fancy a gossip or just want to say hi … drop us a messageRemember to check out the wide-ranging archery related articles in the News&Blog, future happenings in the Events tab and our Facebook page for all the latest information!

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**Note: Our editor has a “sense of humour” so please accept our apologies in advance.

Ukrainian Flag by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
75th Anniversary Image by starline on Freepik