“Work for us and you’ll get a H*yt”

hoyt logoRecently our editor was listening to the Easton Archery Podcast. In episode 189(ish) it was revealed that hoyt, who Easton own, give discounts to their staff if they want to buy a hoyt bow. They will also give a free lessons in how to set it up and how to shoot it.

Now on the face of it this is pretty nice perk but lets look more closely to see if its as good as it appears:

Advantages/benefits: Obviously you get to own a bow at much less that the going price (actual percentage discount unknown). You get training in how to set it up and how to shoot it. There’s the health benefits from shooting both physical and mental. You have a new hobby. You now have more investment in your job than you had before. You will be able to see customers issues (probably involving exploding limbs) or points of view much easier if you yourself have had those same issues or complaints. So all the fantastic benefits of archery with some extra job satisfaction thrown in for good measure.

Disadvantages/drawbacks: You now own a hoyt bow. It might even be a compound! Well … sh!t! According to our editor, that’s a two edged sword, poisoned chalice, trojan horse and misfortune in disguise all rolled into one! He’s not a fan of hoyt or compounds if you haven’t guessed.

This is a bit of a limited fringe benefit. Perhaps having health care or a bonus might be better as a perk in your employee package but if you are an archer, it might be a bit of an enticement you can’t refuse. Come to think of it, the article title does kinda sound like something a Corleone might have said!

Ps: As far as we have found out, the discount on a bow is only every two years which you’re not allowed to sell even if you leave the company!

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