Handicaps and Classifications

How to get a classification or a handicap….

Archer: “So I just get my score sheet to the Records Officer after every session and they do the rest”?
Records Officer: “Yes, or you can work it out yourself”
Archer: “I’m an archer, I cant count!!!!”

This section explains the intention behind Handicaps and Classifications.

shortsightedIn archery, in theory, its very easy to tell when you are getting better. Your scores go up and you get more arrows in that sweet sweet gold. But quantifying how much better you’ve got is hard. Also how do archers of differing skills compete? Its not always highest score wins, sometimes we’d like a competition where the person who shot the best within their skill level wins.

To answer these questions we have these articles for you … handicaps and classifications. Also check out this article on archery scoring apps for phones. We at GA are using Archer’s Toolbox to track club members classifications and handicaps …….. there are badges available! ;o)