Indoor Award – Badge Night

white indoorOutdoors, GA has the 252 awards but we at Glasgow Archers also have an award that can be earned indoors. The “Badge Night” .. err .. badge. Intended to span a range from beginner to experienced archer, it has proved quite popular over the years. Once per month, the semi formal badge night evenings were a thing both anticipated and dreaded by GA shooters. The polar opposite of The Chocolate Challenge (silly rules night with choccie prizes), Badge Night was taken quite seriously by archers not known for being competitive. (In these post Covid days, any night can be badge night! Just shoot a score.) So game face on … lets do this!

The round shot for the badge is the Bray 130 arrows at 20 yards on a 40cm face. The colour of badge achieved is based on your average arrow score as shown below. The Bray 1 was chosen as it could be comfortably fitted into a club evening without pressuring archers not used to structured competitions, 2 minute ends and straight jacket rules. A gentle introduction to award driven improvement and just a smidgen of competition honest. Shoot the required score once and the badge is yours. Scoresheet for the round can be found here … GA award scheme scoresheet however scoring apps for a Bray1 are just as valid. If you use Archers Toolbox, you can submit the scores straight to the GA Records Officer and badges can be acquired from The Keeper of the Badges (pretty sure GA members can guess who it is).

indoor badge scores

*Compound – must use a 40cm face/triple scoring only the X as a 10.

While the lower colours have proven good encouragement to newbie archers and has led more than a couple into competition … Gold has proven a little tricky with several archers coming up just 1 or 2 points short not just once but over. Some of them are moving into meme territory! (Amusingly it was the same people who were scoring 250 on the 252! :o)

badge night badges

But let’s be honest here … that’s a handsome badge. Wouldn’t they look good in your medal/badge/award collection? (Cross me palm with seven 50p coins per badge gov and that’s me cuttin’ me own throat! Just shoot that required score.)