Shooting Times & Places


Where you can find us this Autumn/Winter 2023

Sundays: 9am – 1pm outdoors at H@PP Norwood, Dumbreck Rd

This extended session, which is ALWAYS outdoors, is a lot more relaxed with archers using the time to practice specific rounds requiring more arrows, longer distances, attempt multiple badge hunting rounds, fiddle with kit or just enjoy some social archery. Sunday morning lie ins are overrated when compared with listening to spirited exchanges of humour between some of our more colourful characters. There are often guest appearances by Captain Sausage who makes Sunday shootie an event to saviour. If we are into more inclement weather, perhaps read the guide on Winter outdoor clothing … it will become really important as the winter rolls in!

Wednesdays: 7pm – 9pm AND Saturday 1-3pm These sessions are both Indoors
Hutchesons’ at Pollock Park (H@PP) – Haggs Road – Glasgow – G41 4RD.

Wednesdays and Saturday are indoor sessions in the Autumn/Winter so dress for indoors and a shiny sports hall floor. If you can, arrive mibi 20 mins early for indoor sessions to get everything moved to the hall fire exit for rapid set up.

No rain, no mud, no wind, no excuses!

See either indoor clothing, outdoor clothing or winter clothing for suggestions on what to wear depending what season we are currently suffering.

If you were wanting to visit as a guest (AGB members only we’re afraid), take out an associate membership or you are already a GA archer but haven’t been shooting recently … please get in touch using our Contact Us form to get more information. Details can be found on this page of the website. We can, if you’d like, get you added to our email distribution list for updates and news. Remember you can always check out the Glasgow Archers Facebook site for heads up as to what’s happening that week if there’s an issue or change in our routine.