Shooting Times


Glasgow Archers shoot at Hutchesons’ at Pollock Park (H@PP) – 97 Haggs Road – Glasgow – G41 4RD. This used to be known as Craigholme Sports Centre. We haven’t moved home, just had a change of landlord and location name.

If its an outdoor session, park to the left of the carpark and head down to the field. If its an indoor session park to the right and we’re in the big hall right in front of you! ;o)

When you can find us at the field

Saturday 1-3pm Indoors                                                    Sunday 9ish-1pm Outdoors

In these days of Track and Trace you need to book your session. Booking email for the weekend opens Wednesday evening, closes Friday 5pm-ish (wild partying by our booker dependent).  Note: Saturday is an indoor session so dress for indoors and a shiny sports hall floor. If you can, arrive mibi 20 mins early for indoor sessions to get everything moved to the hall fire exit for rapid set up. Sunday morning shooty remains at the whim of the weather gods so select clothing and footwear sensibly! See either outdoor clothing or winter clothing for suggestions.


No rain, no mud, no wind, no excuses!

Wednesday evening sessions 7pm til 9pm indoors.  So if midweek shootie is something you are up for – book early in the week else you could be disappointed. Booking email for Wednesday opens Sunday evening, closes Tuesday 5pm-ish. 

The booking process is mainly for purposes of Track and Trace outdoors. Outdoors, this is less to do with limited places on the line as current COVID levels now allow us 4 archers per boss and we have a whole field to play with. Indoors is, however, a whole other story with the hall size a limiting factor and number of archers in close proximity (remember your mask for when you are not on the line). Reserve your target at …

If you were wanting to visit as a guest (AGB members only we’re afraid) or you are already a GA archer but haven’t been shooting recently … please contact us at: just the first time to get details and the required process sorted out. Thereafter just use the booking address.
That way we could add you to our email distribution list or you can check out the Glasgow Archers Facebook site which does give a heads up as to what’s happening that week if there’s an issue or change in routine.