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A list of all Scottish archery competitions is available from the Scottish Archery Association website.



Congratulations to all our graduates from the beginners course. We hope you enjoyed the class and have developed a taste for launching yard long sticks at brightly coloured targets just like did. Obviously Glasgow Archers is the place we recommend you do that ;o) … but if you do go to another club we hope to see you on a line somewhere in Scotland in the near future.
Course Update: Our next beginners course isn’t til the Spring when we will have headed back outside. So if you are interested, it might be an idea to add your name to our course list since we seem to be quite popular as a sport at present. Beginners Course details can be found here.


We’re on the move: We’ve hit that time of year where we switch seasons and thus shooting locations.  For those that have been missing the most recent sessions due to weather, you’ll be glad to know that we will be moving indoors soon!  For those die hards amongst us, we have Sunday outdoors which is all year round.

Saturdays Indoor at HAPP Haggs Road – 13:00 to 15:00 (2 September onwards)
Wednesdays Indoor at HAPP Haggs Road – 19:00 to 21:00 (6 September onwards)
Sundays Outdoors still at Norwood at the usual times of 09:00 to 13:00

The Blue Circle is Norwood where you have been shooting all summer. And the Red Circle is HAPP on Haggs road sometimes referred to by the old hands as Craigholme. So, see you on the line … in the warm and dry! :o)


Course Update: Our September/October beginners course is, we’re told, full. This will be the fifth (might be fourth) beginners course we’ve run post covid and all have been at capacity. The fact that GA has grown rapidly over the last 2 years is testament to archery being interesting and when you try it for real … pretty addictive.

Field Changes: Archery pretty much can’t be an outdoors activity come September for GA. Here in the wind and rain swept north, its getting too dark to shoot late and the weather is starting its slide from iffy to atrocious. As a result GA will be moving indoors in September for our Wednesday evening session and hopefully the restart of our Saturday afternoon session.

If you havent shot indoors before its all about small targets and short distances. Read up on whats expected here and we’ll get back to you when our times slots have been confirmed.


This year, the club will not be holding its annual American tournament to celebrate the 4th July due to the lack of bathrooms at Norwood. This is something we are pretty unhappy about.  However, we rarely let setbacks stop us for long and there’s no reason we cant have a friendly competition within the club.  So this year we will be holding The Sizzlin’ Archery Challenge! …. copyright ChatGPT after we gave it some Captain Sausage references.
When: 2nd July with first arrows at 10am (so arrive early, get set up and get your place on the line)
Set up:  9-10 am
Distances: 30m or 60m depending on comfort and experience
Arrows: 36 arrows using 3 arrow ends
After the tournament there will be prizes and a BBQ picnic! So if you are a GA member, you should have got an email with a booking form link … just click it, fill in the info and you’re good to go. The field will be closed to archers not shooting in the competition so sign up or stay home. See you on the line!


Just a small reminder that we are holding an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) on Wednesday, 31 May 2023 to begin between 6:00pm and 6:20pm.  This will be at Norwood where we are currently shooting.
The question we are putting forward is:
Do you agree to accept the new constitution and Glasgow Archers being a charity?
Your committee was given direction by the membership at the AGM in 2022 to make this happen – Tony and Michael did just that.
Update: EGM concluded successfully … GA is now a charity!
*          *          *

IMG_1998Our Spring Beginners Course kicked off tonight (Wednesday 10/5) with a full dozen noobs up on the line and shooting disturbingly well. There’s some archers in this group and we’re looking forward to seeing what they can do as we move the targets further back. This course has been full for the last 6 months and it was obvious these folks were ready to go because everyone was on site early and champing to shoot! Even our early bird Vice Chair had barely made the field when they started to arrive and we all know he lives on site!


We’ve reached that time of year when we have to make a move. From our damp, cold, miserable winter season snug indoors in the warm – To our warm, sunny “summer” season at the mercy of a Scottish summer. Oh gods!
This year, our final indoor shooting day is Wednesday 29th March after which we will be always be outside at Norwood field till about September.
Our outdoor timings change a little bit as well so please take note:
– Wednesday is 6PM to Dusk
– Sunday is as normal 9AM to 1PM
– Unfortunately there is no Saturday session
Dress appropriately for a Scottish summer with some hints to be found on our Shooting Outdoors page. See you on the line.


As of February 26th, our Sunday morning sessions (9am-1pm), which are always outdoors, will now be at H@PP Norwood.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions placed on us by Hutchisons School, we never really know if we will be allowed to shoot til the day before. Please join our club’s Whatsapp group using the QR code in the emails our Secretary sends out for the latest club news and field availability.


Update: The EGM went ahead on the 25th with the meeting being quorate with 25 members in attendance. The vote was unanimously in favour of the new constitution. The new constitution can be viewed on the Club Documents page.

*          *          *

We will be holding an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) on Wed. 25 January 2023 during our midweek archery session.  This hopefully will not take long. The reason is because our constitution desperately needs updated.

We need as many members as possible to attend as at least 15 full members require to be there to make the vote quorate (valid).  Without this, no vote or EGM can take place meaning the club will have no constitution.  So, it is incredibly important that everyone attends and a constitution is voted in.

Your committee put in a lot of work on our new constitution which we hope will take us on into our next 75 years! See you at the EGM!



Just a heads up for next month … the Glasgow Archers AGM will be held on Wednesday 30th November at 8pm, at our indoor shooting venue: Hutchesons’ at Pollok Park.

Wednesday shooting will be from 7-8pm and then the AGM will run from 8pm till we have to pack up. We would encourage you to come along for the meeting as the club is what you make it. If you don’t want to shoot that night, just come for the AGM. Hope to see you then.


Glasgow Archers Fall line: We are quite excited to announce we have sorted out a supplier for club uniforms. GA’s registered colours are Red tops and Black trousers and if you are going to a competition, it’s quite a morale boost if there are hordes of you all in the red and black! The link to an order form is on the tool bar above. Items include performance polo shirt, performance t-shirt, fleece, gilet and bucket hat. We don’t have many pics as of mid September as the first order has yet to go out, but the order form pics will change as we get willing models.
ps: Black craghoppers or similar hiking trousers make excellent uniform trousers.

Going Indoors: Probably should put this up just now as we’re getting close. The indoor season aka “dry and warm” kicks off on Wednesday 7th September. The first indoor Saturday season will be 3 days later on the 10th while Sunday sessions remain outdoors. Times will be as follows and you should probably read this article on going indoors … clothing and footwear requirements are very different.

(inside) Wednesday 7-9pm     (inside) Saturday 1-3pm    (outside) Sunday 9am-1pm

Arriving 30minutes or so earlier for the indoor sessions will allow us to get the hall set up rapidly.


Beginners Course: We did have a course planned for October but that is now full. Unfortunately we wont have another till next year but if archery is something you’d like to get to now, we recommend MRM Archery. Michael and Moira are experienced archery coaches who supply beginners courses, come and tries and high level coaching. They are knowledgeable and approachable, trusted by GA’s rabidly competitive types and their courses are accepted for entry into AGB affiliated clubs.

Equipment Day: Its been 30 months in the making due to COVID, lockdowns, the field changing hands and because out of sight means out of mind (with archers having notoriously bad sight and little mind), However it’s that time where we put on old clothes, find brushes and a dustpan to give the containers a damn good cleaning that they aren’t likely to forget! There’s going to be an Equipment Day on Sunday the 14th of August from 12noon til we’ve got the containers looking spiffy once more. If you can wield a brush with vigor, a screwdriver with flair or are slightly more organized than a concussed wombat … we’d love to see you down at the field lending a hand. Its a very social affair, there can be biscuits. Remember, the club is what you make it and in a tidy container, you can actually find things!


noobsOur summer beginners course started the evening 6th July. Weather looked ominous and while very iffy all evening, stayed dry. Winds were pretty frisky but looks like our beginners were having fun. There was definite progress throughout the session … looks like we got us some archers!

usa-flag-830720_1920Many thanks to all who attended our American 4th of July shoot held on Sunday the 3rd July. Archers, spouses, field party, moms and an incognito Captain Sausage (he forgot his hat!). Hope to see everyone back on our field for another competition soon.


Update on the Beginners Course: The next GA Beginners Course (noted below) has been scheduled for Wednesday the 6th, 13th and 20th of July with each session running from 6:30pm til 8pm. These three sessions will teach you archery safety, technique and etiquette. Completing the course successfully will give you the requisite skills to be able to join any AGB affiliated club in the country (there’s approximately 50 in central and southern Scotland) … but obviously we hope you want to join us. Cost is going to be £80 all of which goes right back into the club. Whats in a course? …. you can read about it here.
Spaces are limited so if you are interested, drop us a line on the Contact Us page.

Competition: Glasgow Archers intend to run our popular American competition on the 3rd of July. This is a relaxed, light hearted shoot with no pressure and the focus on having fun. Think of this as a social shoot, getting back to archery as a social activity and reconnecting with other clubs and archers. Americana fancy dress is encouraged cause like we said …. fun! Our popular BBQ will not be available this year unfortunately (sure you can guess the reason) but we do intend to fill that void with drinks and cakes. The shoot announcement and online application form is up on the SAA Events page if you’d like to come and join us. So hopefully … See y’all there partners!

An American competition is Imperial scoring (9,7,5,3,1) on a 122cm face with 30 arrows shot at each distance (60, 50 and 40 yards).  

Beginners Course: More of a heads up for the future but after the success of the last beginners course, we’re going to have another course this time outside. Its scheduled to run in July on three consecutive Wednesday evenings (with each session running from 18:30 – 20:00) although the exact dates are yet to be finalised. During the three sessions you would be taught safety, technique and etiquette. On completion of the course you get a certificate that will qualify you for entry into any AGB affiliated club (but especially Glasgow Archers ;o).
If you are interested, drop us a line on the Contact Us page and we’ll send you details and the dates as soon as we have them confirmed.


To celebrate the start of the outdoor season we are going to hold a Club Clout Shoot starting at 10.00 and finishing about 11.30 on the 16th of April. This is where we set a ‘target’ horizontally on the ground and then launch arrows into the air hoping they land somewhere close to the target (the ‘clout’).
Clout Archery
All participants will use low poundage club beginners bows and club arrows and you will be amazed at the quality of prizes we will have for this event. We hope to persuade ‘Captain Sausage‘ to do some catering for the event as well.
In order to generate some funds for the club, a nominal fee of £8.00 per person will be charged for taking part (for a family of 2 the price will be £12.00)
Then, after the shooting and eating is over, we have another task that we need as many club volunteers as possible to assist with. Club Container Painting – The school has made unsubtle hints about the fact that our containers are not easy on the eye. Thus the club has bought paint – A LOT of paint – and we just need a bunch of folk to actually paint them. So if you have some enthusiasm, old clothes and a paint brush – please drop in so that we can get both containers painted. The club is after all what you make it.

If you wish to take part in the Clout Competition please let us know as soon as possible. Similarly, if you are able to give up a couple of hours after the competition to help with painting the containers please drop us a note.

Ps: The Clout shoot is not at all serious – its a fun event.



Just a heads up about a beginners course we will be running in a few months. The course we have planned is going to take place (all being well) on the evenings of Wednesday 16th, 23rd and 30th March 2022. This will be indoors (Omicron allowing) at the H@PP sports hall. Over three sessions, the course will teach how to shoot a bow safely and effectively so allowing entry to a club (as required by Archery GB). Contact us for more details if you are interested via our contact us form.


Last year, our AGM had to be remotely via webcam. This year we are going live and in person after we shoot some arrows from 7 til 8pm. Marvel at the only Glasgow Archers committee in captivity but don’t poke them with sticks … they will throw poop!

Glasgow Archers AGM – Wednesday 24th November 2021, 8pm
Hutchesons’ at Pollok Park

Come make your voice heard and help guide GA for the next year. The club is, after all, what you make it.

*          *          *

With the indoor season in full swing, its great to see so many archers coming back to our line. Chief amongst the current attractions are our indoor badges, the classification badges and returned after a little bit of a layoff, The Chocolate Challenge. If you haven’t experienced the Chocolate Challenge, its a “competition” between teams and individuals where the rules, the teams, even the faces change end to end at the whim of the match official. There is blatant bias shown against the more experienced archers, rookies win on a regular basis and there is CHOCOLATE! Oddly no-one ever complains about the judging**. We feel AGB should take a leaf from this approach.

** Ok, our editor did but that’s kind of predictable!


Been a while since we’ve had an event to announce but its pretty big. We will be returning to indoor shooting in September. The current plan is to go indoors starting:

Wednesday 15th September 7pm – 9pm and Saturday 18th September 1pm – 3pm with these sessions continuing until around April.

The booking system will continue to operate so please book early as we suspect its going to get a little frisky. We are constrained in spaces due to spacing indoors and the narrowness of the hall. Sharing will be caring wither our editor likes it or not!

Sundays will continue to be an outdoor session throughout the year. Starting around 9am and running till hypothermia starts to become a real issue (probably about 1pm).


Throughout June, July and (all being well) August, GA will be shooting Wednesday evenings (6pm til dusk) and the weekends (2 sessions 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm) both days. COVID might be a pain the arse and a horrible disruption to our lives, but we’ve actually never had so much archery going on down the field. Details on times/how to book.


Glasgow Archers have a new landlord. Its Hutchison’s Grammar School and the good news is they intend to keep Craigholme (to be called H@PP – Hutchisons @ Pollock Park) as a community sports hub. They even don’t seem to mind the infestation of archers they have inherited. Early days but much hope for the future.