Here are a few useful links for you to pursue ….


World Archery : Fantastic film from competitions around the world of the very best in action. Also includes videos on demonstrations, bios, explanations and awesome slo-mo footage. During the World Cup, WA will carry the matches live.
Pro Archery Series : Archive of the Alternative Sports sponsored Pro Archery field competition. Fantastic coverage of compounders shooting field in quarries, woods and on a WW1 fort (Fort Van Lier). Interface a little clunky but worth watching if only for the dry, somewhat sarcastic yet still funny commentary.
Competition Archery Media: American based youtube channel producing professional videos on US competitions such as Vegas, National Field and National indoor 3D.


Arrowtrade Magazine : Free US online digital magazine. Hunting orientated but can carry interesting kit reviews and tips especially if you are a compounder.
The Target : Official digital yearbook of World Archery
Bow International : Available in some WH Smiths (Argyle Street if you are in Glasgow), via mail and digital download


MRM Archery is run by Michael Mather and Moira Taylor. Excellent coaches, being both knowledgeable and approachable.


Lancaster Archery: An american company based in Pennsylvania but their catalogue is basically every archery related item on earth. Ultimate bow porn.
Easton Archery: Arrows for every occasion including zombie attack.
Win & Win: Renown bow makers catalogues for ranges Wiawis and WNS. Just gorgeous.
Hoyt Archery: full disclosure, the editor is not a fan of hoyt but here’s their catalogue

Governing Bodies:

Scottish Archery Association  : Our local governing body handling our contacts with the UK and worldwide archery. The place to find out about SAA Events and Competitions
Archery Great Britain : UK governing body of archery affiliated to World Archery
World Archery : Probably most important governing body for Archery


Archery Interchange UK is a forum for Toxophilites (lovers of archery) and a good place if you want to chat with archers from outside your own club.