Archery in Movies

Archery pops up in many movies and not always in a way we as archers are comfortable with. And when I say comfortable, I mean our response is “WHAT THE F …. LIP IS THAT?” Given movie makers are usually not archers, these moments can be bizarre, impossible or simply funny to archers. So here, for your amusement, is an open ended collection of movie moments where bows and archery have their moment on the stage but not always in a way archers recognize. We will add to this list as we think of movie moments worthy of inclusion or (given the general tone of this website) outright mocking ;o). 

thulsa doomThulsa Doom (James Earl Jones) shoots paralyzed, rigid snake at escaping heroes in “Conan the Barbarian”. This one deserves its own page because the questions this raises are numerous and not just from the RSPCA/PETA either. Thoughts on this movie scene were originally inspired by a thread on Reddit where a poster asked could he shoot frozen snakes from a compound bow! Words fail us. So, here are our thoughts on this magical movie moment.

brave fieldIt’s a little known fact that a SAA coach visited the fantasy land of DunBroch around the time of the events in the Disney movieBrave”. We here at GA have managed to get a copy of the coaching report for the members of the Archery Cub of DunBroch Castle (AC/DC ;o). This is what the coach had to say about the archers