Joining and fees


If you are not an experienced archer, to join any affiliated club in the UK (such as Glasgow Archers), Archery GB require you complete a beginner’s course. This course teaches basic technique, etiquette and most importantly safety. We recommend courses run by MRM Archery and occasionally run our own courses as well. Check our Events page to see if there is a course coming up.

If you have been shooting with a different club in the past, we will ask one of our coaches or experienced archers to perform a quick competency check and have a chat about club procedures and rules of the sports hall.

We also welcome archers from other clubs as guests either as a one off visit OR as associate members. Details below.

If you are interested in joining the club or would like more information, please drop us a line using the contact us form.


Fees are paid in two parts:

  • Club fees cover your membership of Glasgow Archers, use of any equipment, coaching and for use of the range.
  • Affiliation fees cover your membership of the sports national and regional bodies, and mean that you are insured to shoot in a club environment.

Your total cost of membership is the combined cost of club fees and affiliation fees.

New members will be required to pay both club fees and affiliation fees upon joining the club (pro-rata at the date of joining), and thereafter fees will be paid according to the schedule set out by the national bodies.

Club Fees for 2020

Full Members:

Glasgow’s Club Fees are for 12 months as a full member and vary depending on age or if you are joining as a part of your family. Please ask about details for your particular circumstances.

Glasgow Archers annual club fees are renewed at end of February/beginning of March. We do not ask for shooting fees. One annual payment and that’s it.

Associate Members:

An Associate member is one who is a member of another club but shoots at Glasgow as a guest. The Associate membership is paid per season (2 seasons per year, Outdoor and Indoor) payable in April and October.

On the Day Guest:

In addition to associate memberships, we welcome visiting experienced archers. If you are in town, have your bow with you and hanker to abuse some 10 rings, come shoot with us. This is charged as a one off fee of £5 per session (each session is 2hrs long). Just drop us a line and tell us you are coming.

Please note: associate members and on the day shooters must show a valid AGB card before being allowed to shoot with Glasgow Archers. This is for insurance purposes as stipulated by AGB.

Affiliation Fees for 2020

Archery GB, Scottish Archery Association SAA and Area (West of Scotland) fees are payable in late August/early September. Due to so many possible discounts for age, family etc, please ask about details for your particular circumstances.

If you are interested in joining us, send us your details on this form and we’ll work out your particular membership cost.