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It was the best of days … Blue skies, no wind and just three gossiping!

So … archery might be your next all-consuming passion but you have questions about clubs. How to join them or indeed, why? Well, being a member of a club is the best way to experience archery since it provides location, targets, usually beginners equipment, coaching, a support framework of people who know how to answer those difficult archery questions, gossip, badges and then there’s the banter … a whole heap of banter! ;o)
The process to join most archery clubs is fairly similar … If you are interested in Glasgow Archers and archery … just ask as that’s the best way to find out exactly how things are currently working if different from the usual procedure below.



Welcome to archery. Here is a list of excuses for a bad shot and reasons why judges are the devil.

If you are not an experienced archer, to join any Archery GB/World Archery affiliated club in the UK (such as Glasgow Archers), Archery GB require you complete a beginner’s course. This course teaches basic technique, etiquette and most importantly safety. We run our own courses about twice a year (usually April/May & September/October) but also recommend courses run by MRM Archery. Both are equally acceptable for joining a club. Check our Events or the Beginners Course pages to see if there is a GA course coming up.

If you are an experienced AGB archer and want to join, let us know of your interest. Usually, it’s either a simple transfer from your current club to GA .. or if you are currently unaffiliated, we get you registered as one of us. (one of us! one of us!)
In addition, we welcome archers from other clubs as guests either as a one-off visit OR as associate members. If you have been shooting with a different club in the past, we will ask one of our coaches or experienced archers to perform a quick competency check, check your AGB card and have a chat about club procedures and rules of H@PP sports facility. Details below.

If you are interested in joining the club, would like more information or clarification of the below – please drop us a line using the contact us form.

The 3 Different Membership Types

Full Members:


Our Vice-Chair .. shooting for the jersey!

Glasgow’s Club Fees are for 12 months or pro rata’ed depending on when you join. As a full member you get full access to the club. You have voting rights to determine how the club is run at the AGM and can run for any office assuming you are a senior as laid down in our constitution. You’ll get access to club training bows and other kit meaning you don’t have to buy a bow before you know what you want from archery. We provide support be it coaching or help with bows or advice, just ask. You are a Glasgow Archer in the eyes of archery bodies and if you compete in competitions, you do so as a Glasgow Archer proudly (we hope) wearing the Red Top and Black Trousers of club colours. You are one of us and family! (We have merch/club apparel … see toolbar above!) Hopefully you’ll volunteer to help when the club needs things done. The club is, after all, what you make it.
The cost of membership varies depending on age or when you join. Please ask about details for your particular circumstances as club and AGB/SAA fees can vary a lot.
Glasgow Archers annual club fees normally are renewed at the end of February/beginning of March. Again, we do not ask for shooting or attendance fees. One annual payment and that’s it. No hidden costs (unless you want to donate supplies for Captain Sausage).

Associate Members:

An Associate member is an archer who is already a member of another club but shoots at Glasgow as a guest usually pretty regularly. An Associate membership is paid per season (2 seasons per year, Outdoor and Indoor) in April and September. This membership allows you to shoot as a full member would, but you have no say in the running of the club. You have no guaranteed access to club assets but feel free to ask, we are pretty amenable. You have no obligation to volunteer for work parties but we won’t say no if you want to. Associates are just as welcome as full members, just expect some banter though – you are the enemy come competitions after all! ;o) Bringing something sharable for Sunday morning sessions will mitigate some of that banter! :oD

On the Day Guest:

In addition to associate memberships, we welcome visiting experienced archers. If you are in town, have your bow with you and hanker to abuse some 10 rings, come shoot with us. Each session is 2 or 4hrs long depending on what day/season it is – details here. You supply yourself and your kit, we’ll supply everything else. Just drop us a line, tell us you’d like to come and all being well, we’ll get you sorted out.

Please note: new associate members and on the day shooters must show a valid AGB card (physical or e-card) before being allowed to shoot with Glasgow Archers. This is for insurance purposes as stipulated by AGB.


Fees are paid in two parts for every club:

  • Club fees for a full membership of Glasgow Archers. This allows you the use of beginners’ equipment, coaching/mentoring, support, kit advice and for use of the range. We supply the range, bosses, faces and pins. There are no ‘green fees’ like you have to pay at many golf courses to access the course. One up front membership fee and you are good to go for 12 months – indoors (September – March) and outdoors (1st April – September). The banter is provided free. In quite liberal doses as you’ve probably guessed if you’ve read any of the rest of this website :o).
  • Affiliation fees cover your membership of the sports national and regional bodies. This means that you are insured to shoot in a club environment at a properly risk assessed range following AGB’s Rules of Shooting. Outside of a registered location, you need your own insurance. In Scotland we pay national (Archery GB (AGB)), regional (Scottish Archery Association (SAA)) and Area (West of Scotland Archery Association (WoSAA)) fees. These are payable in late August/early September without which you cannot shoot at GA. This is due to the AGB ruling that if one person shooting at a club is uninsured, everyone is uninsured.

agb logoNew members will be required to pay both club fees and affiliation fees upon joining the club (pro-rata at the date of joining). At GA club and affiliation fees were deliberately offset by six months to lessen the initial impact. Thereafter, fees will be paid according to the schedule set out by the national bodies and GA. This is the same for every club in the UK.

SAA logoIf you are interested in joining us, contact us on this form or email address and we’ll work out your particular membership/affiliation cost. There are so many possible discounts and variations due to age, family membership or status that everyone’s membership can be slightly different so please ask about details for your particular circumstances if interested.

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