Who Shot it Better?

Recurvers and Compounders are sworn enemies. Kind of like the legendary Hatfields and the McCoys conflict in rural 1860’s America but with more banter and a bit less bloodshed. Obviously both sides like to outdo the other in accomplishments … but when we’re talking missing the target indoors, just who screws the pooch best?

IMG_1638Competitor A : This recurve archer is no stranger to applying kinetic energy to immovable objects. His ability to find wood at distance makes you think he was a lumberjack in a previous life. Without him Sunday morning archery would have 50% less malarky but he does do a mean sausage and has his own sausage related hat.


Competitor B :
This dark side archer has represented his country in archery and won a medal. He owns the highest GA 252 badge – the Purple (admittedly more of a hot pink). On his compound he has telescopic sights, pulleys, a trigger and 34oz (0.963kg) of spurious weight for … reasons. He actually seems to like our Vice-Chair! (please check this last fact before publishing, can’t be right! Ed) 

So, just who missed the target best? Answers on a postcard or in these days of the internet, the comments section below …

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Note: Normally we would post a disclaimer after an article saying something like “no arrows were harmed in the writing of this piece” but that isn’t possible this time. Not even GA’s famed Archery Doctor™ could save these puppies.

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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  1. Spike91 says:

    Divide and conquer I say. Let the recurves and compounds slog it out. There can only be one winner in the end. BAREBOW of course

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