Archery Styles and Types

There are many forms of archery which depends on what you are shooting WITH and what you are shooting AT…

Lets look at what we shoot WITH…

Never tell an archer that it’s all just bow and arrows. Here are some different types of bows that you could come across on a club night:

Traditional Archery: not surprisingly, this type of archery involves traditional bows like the Horsebow, the English Longbow or the American Flatbow. There is no fuss with accessories and equipments, these are straightforward and to the point.

Recurve archery: this is what you might have seen if you watched the Olympics for example. There are 2 main types of recurve bows.

_ The Barebow: as the name suggests, is a simple bow with only a weight for balance and no other accessory

_ The Olympyc recurve: includes a sight, stabilisations and other toys

Compounds: it’s like technology to the rescue of archers. Extreemly complex bow that works with a system of cables and pulleys in order to increase the poundage (power) of the bow.

Now what you are shooting AT?

Target Archery: is when you shoot at the “classic” 10 ring/5 colour target either indoor or outdoors.

Field archery: consists of wandering throught the woods to shoot at 5 ring black and gold targets that are set at marked and unmarked distances.

3D archery: is roughly the same as field but instead of a ring target, you shoot at 3D foam animals.

Note that although popular in the US and in Continental Europe, Bow Hunting is ILLEGAL in the UK.