Archery Crossword

archery crosswordCreated during the first COVID-19 lockdown as a way to get people thinking sporty, this archery themed crossword was sent out first to GA members and subsequently to the whole of the SAA. Only one person managed to find the solution! We have to admit its pretty tough.

There are straight factual clues, some cryptic and there are some that are down right twisted but every answer is related to archery in some way. Where no letter count is noted in the clue, the answer is one word. Pro Tip: some of the answers to the puzzles are in articles on this website. Sorry there’s no prize other than the satisfaction of completing the puzzle … and the dubious distinction of thinking the same way as our editor!

A PDF of the puzzle is available here and to get you started .. 24 across is GLASGOW obviously in a Glasgow Archers crossword! ;o)

Should you require the solution or would like a hint or even tell the author he’s not right in the head (believe me, we know) … drop us a line using our contact us form. Hope you enjoy the puzzle.