Glasgow Sausages?

Our editor once belonged to a medieval/renaissance historical fencing study group who at their AGM one year had to come to the realization they were actually a drinking club with a sword addiction. So it is with Glasgow Archers, who have come to realize they have morphed from an archery club to being more about having BBQ brunch at the field or as it has become known… The Sunday Morning Sausage Club.

Initially a pre xmas treat thought up by our tournament organizer, it went from treat to joke to meme and finally to a much anticipated Sunday morning staple. From humble beginnings it has evolved all the way to an al fresco, archery themed dining experience complete with cutlery, plates, condiments and waitress service.

There have been chops, hotdogs and a variety of sausages including bratwurst, honey & pork, Lincolnshire, pork & leek and old english pork on the menu but the mainstay is the Cumberland sausage usually served (assuming they weren’t left at home) in a baguette or roll. So good that one archer’s relatives have turned up begging for some of that spicy goodness.
Shooting line – Equipment line – Tent line – BBQ line!

Almost certainly a unique feature, GA may well be the only club in the country with a combination tournament organizer/chef on the committee. This might go some way to explain the greasy fingerprints on competition score sheets or the odd splash of ketchup on trophies. He is our own culinary superhero – Captain Sausage. He even has a Captain Sausage hat!
Doubtful that there’s ever going to be Captain Sausage merch finding its way to an archery field near you though.

It takes a lot of organisational skills to keep the Sausage Club running so our booking agent is also our sausage coordinator and waitress service. Often distributing food on a “who looks more desperate first” basis, she efficiently keeps the hungry hoards at bay. Be respectful though, she wields a vicious baguette!

We should probably offer full disclosure here that cooking usually involves lard. That’s actually a heathy eating option in Scotland given the cold and damp … honest! Admittedly, cooking methods do vary depending on circumstance and weather. There is nothing quite like a toasty charcoal BBQ for heating up those cold hands and … errr … other body parts!

A few arrows are shot while things cook but the mustard stains and ketchup smeared faces are a bit of a giveaway as to why some are down the field on a soggy Sunday morning. Many cooks but only one lonely archer!

As we all know, archery is an extremely safe sport … but introduce a breadknife to the equation and all bets are off! That first aid kit purchased by the club chair was a good buy. However rest assured, no sausage aficionado was inconvenienced by the injury (see re-enactment left) as Captain Sausage bravely fried on injured though he was. He was later awarded the Purple Sausage for being wounded in the line of duty.

Kitchen activity has had as many as 3 stoves running simultaneously producing bratwursts, cumberlands and hot water for freshly ground coffee beans. Cutlery, plates, 4 different condiments, table, wind shield, napkins, food preparation gloves, spatula and bbq tongs were all in use. As you can see GA makes every effort to have a full range of kit in use on a Sunday morn.

So there you have it. Glasgow Archers … enhancing their Sunday morning archery with ketchup, mustard and al fresco dining. So far there has been no calls to rename the club Glasgow Sausages … at least for now!

*          *          *

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