“Summer” has arrived!

This probably comes as a surprise to all of Glasgow but Summer has arrived! As I write this, its cold, wet, grey, the thermals have not yet been put away but we at GA are abandoning the warm and dry of indoors and heading outside for our summer season.

What does this mean other than bring your waterproofs and stout footwear to shootie? For the summer we only have a Wednesday evening session (starting 6pm till dusk) and a Sunday morning session (9am – 1pm) as we lose our Saturday session till September.


Even the work parties get a bit gossipy.

However, this doesn’t mean there will be any less archery going on at the club. In fact there will be more to achieve.
There are the very popular 252 badges to chase once more, outdoor classifications to practice for and the level of Sunday morning banter, caf drinking, biscuit eating and goss has to be experienced to be appreciated. It will be good to get back to more social archery after the covid restrictions of indoors.

Archery is an outdoor sport. Lets get out there, get some fresh air and shoot some arrows!

2 thoughts on ““Summer” has arrived!

  1. Hi,

    I am a GU student and I wondered if you provide any taster session for beginners in summer? If you do, please let me know and if there is a chart for membership fees and session fees available for me, it would be very appreciated.


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