A Summer of Sausages and Sun

As the summer wynds down and indoor beckons, it’s always nice to reflect on the season just past. This summer, the field was well mowed and dry underfoot so many thanks to Hutchinson’s groundsfolk. Weather was archery compatible, and Captain Sausage went from guest cameo on a Sunday to there being many sad sausage groupies when he was called away on other duties. The containers got painted and cleaned. Even our treasurer looked a little less fraught whenever someone presented an invoice to him. It was a pretty good summer. But anytime archers are grouped together there will be opportunities for photos of a dubious nature … and this summer was no different.

A Retrospective of 2022 – The Summer of the Sausage.

Captain Sausage and the all new Sausage Wagon. Its rumoured there are plans to acquire a small locomotive to pull it and more elderly archers round the field. Dire “threats of disciplinary action for crimes against the dignity of archery” have been rumoured if that does happen!

Here is proof that when the sight mark is accidentally set too high and the blood sugar is too low (pre sausagefest) … mistakes happen. Thank the archery gods for the Arojac™!
How many arrows can you see in the wood? Lets count them … (ps: its not 2!)

With the advent of Sausage Sunday, some of our archers seem to have taken to the alfresco dining experience a little too enthusiastically. Our Vice Chair (shown left) used to mock anyone turning up with more than a cereal bar and a flask of caf!
Apparently a cheeky Pinot Noir goes well with hotdogs! Who knew?

Of course after a hard morning’s coaching and your sausage repast … a nap in the fresh air is just what the Archery Doctor™ ordered.

However once archers have had their sausage power ups and their mid morning nap is over … there’s no telling what they’ll get up to. Apparently shots under the boss, over the crosspiece and through the rope at 50m with a longbow are possible! What was wrong with just shooting a 10?

… and then there are those that just want to strut their funky stuff. Perhaps trying to work off all those calories and saturated fats going to town on already dangerously clogged Glaswegian hearts and arteries.
On the other hand, he’s not growling … Shake it V-C!

Spare a thought at this time for those who sit alone. Possibly due to frustration, fatigue, heartburn or, more likely, just longing for a little quiet from more gossipy or loud archers. A seeker of zen tranquility amidst the hubbub of the line … or as its known in Glasgow, “gies peace”.

So as the summer ends, it is hoped for each day of practice during the outdoor season at GA, a well fed and cherished member might have found the inspiration sought. That elusive sliver of form or technical insight. Enough awareness so that the lightbulb of comprehension might pop on above their head and light the way to the next plateau.

Shame its more likely they just got stuck on the clicker again.

Rounding off the outdoor season, Glasgow Archers would like to thank all those who joined us this summer. To shoot, gossip, snooze, picnic, complain, cook, clean & paint containers, banter and gossip some more but especially to those who donated natures perfect food so we could all get our sausage on. 
And in the style of Marvel movie end credits …
Captain Sausage will return in the fall.

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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