Goodbye Old Friend

Friday the 24th September saw the departure from Glasgow Archers of an old friend. He had been with the club for 30 years or so. Been there for the club through the best of times and the worst of times. Always supportive. Never unavailable but now it was time to move on. Our day to day container had to be replaced.

IMG_1143 Truly a multiskilled and multifaceted feature of the club. Not just a storage container but a shelter from the weather, a workshop, a range for bow tuning, a romantic rendezvous, reading room with large foam recliners and our editors summer home. 


IMG_1144Not dissimilar to Doctor Who’s TARDIS where the inside is more capacious than the physical external dimensions would indicate. Its truly amazing what fitted inside.

Unpacking done, the field party relaxed … aka the sun patio at an old folks home and soup kitchen for archers down on their luck/classifications!

Then it was sadly time to say good-bye… but also the time for “Hello and welcome to Glasgow Archers. ps: Sorry about the Scottish climate!” 

More pictures of what the scottish climate does to Corten steel (designed to resist the elements) can be found on our Facebook page.

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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