Kinetic Potential

kinetic-0-1-1-600x315One thing our kit obsessed editor looks forward to in his mailbox every month (other than the cease and desist orders from Ki Bo Bae’s lawyers) is the newsletter from Alternative Sports with their newest arrivals. This months update listed something he got quite excited about (or as excited as he gets). A rather good looking and well priced 23″ riser from Kinetic called the Scopus

a053598_1Now why should this small riser from a lessor known company be of interest to our over 6 foot, Win&Win fanboi editor who is in a thoroughly monogamous relationship with his CXT riser? Its because this is a good looking, light, anodized, 23″ riser with a wooden handle and that’s a pretty rare combination. Its always a struggle to find such risers to recommend to smaller ladies and juniors.

Coming in at a light 1078g, this CNC machined aluminium riser has all the features: Adjustable limb alignment, 3 bushings for stabilizers (top, bottom, long) and an extended clicker plate. Normally risers at this price are painted with rubberized handles but this one is anodized with a wooden handle colour matched to the riser. This gives it a very attractive visual similar to bows at least twice the price. Even rarer, it comes in left and right handed versions which is anything but common at times. The range has 10 colours (admittedly not sure about “Ghost” and “Tactical”) but there’s bound to be a colour you could love. The red is a quite nice shade and appropriate for GA club colours.

While not yet in store at Alternative, the £104.09 is a very small price for a lot of bow … especially for someone requiring a small, light riser. We suspect this might be a very good seller indeed.

You can check out the bow in many of its available colours on this link to Alternatives website.

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