Wet Weather? No Problem!

happ3Glasgow archers are about to do something we haven’t done in 18 months … we’re going indoors. We have a hall and by jiminy we are going to shoot in the warm and the dry! Indoors, where its a shorter walk to collect your arrows, its never soggy underfoot and there’s even MOAR BADGES to be won! (There can also be chocolate in the Chocolate Challenge competition .. where the rules change faster than our vice chair can shoot 3 arrows!!!!)

Indoor times:                        Saturdays 1 – 3 pm                   Wednesdays 7 – 9 pm

Indoors however brings a few issues. We need to follow indoor protocols such as being masked when not shooting. We need to be aware our newer archers have never shot indoors before. And we need to be aware that our kit is stored outside and requires to be moved into the hall.

happ4So on Wednesdays/Saturdays please come a little early to help get set up and stay a little later to help clear up. Please don’t flee the hall at the end of the evening like a foiled bank robber OR arrive late/leave early to avoid helping set/clear up because you will be noted. Remember to book your session and wearing indoor non marking footwear like trainers or squash shoes would be a good move. Here are a few other thoughts about shooting indoors. Sunday mornings will remain outdoors for the hardy, the stoic and the 252 badge obsessed.

Below is the current guidance from the SAA and we will no doubt get further guidance from H@PP so lets all be relaxed about the indoor rules we need to follow and have a good indoor season!

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Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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