EK Gold in Glasgow

Editors note …. this post should be read while imagining the authors teeth gritted in unbridled rage and jealousy.

Congratulations are in order to East Kibride Archer Cameron Ross who shot a Bray 1 – 272** this afternoon to qualify for the highest rated indoor badge GA have. While Cameron is currently an associate member at Glasgow, his family have a long history of lurking on our line and its great to see him put up this score.

Cameron is also an archery judge but we cant really hold that against him, much as we’d like to, because he holds the power of life and death over every line cutter of ours he adjudicates.

Obviously this is just more banter and we all applaud Cameron’s achievement …… well, mostly all.

** Actually his score was 273. We’re sure the above was just an editorial error and not retaliation for all the linecutters denied over the years!

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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