SAA Survey … with Prizes!

SAA logoAs any archer will tell you, Archery is one of the most accessible sports open to all. No matter age, ability, disability, race, all thumbs, competitive, non-competitive, gender … archery welcomes everyone. But to stay in this place we need to know if archery is delivering on its promises.

To this end the SAA have partnered with sportscotland to collect and collate surveys to aid their efforts in ensuring that all staff / coaches / officials / board / members / participants are treated fairly.

So we’d like to ask that you take a little time to fill in the survey especially as our club could win £300 from Scottish Archery and also £1000 from sportscotland to go towards equipment, coaching or club development. The survey can be found here with an article describing its intentions and rewards linked below.

Thank you for keeping us a welcoming sport


Scottish Archery article on the Equality Survey

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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