Archery on the NHS?

While browsing the internet I came across an article from World Archery saying that since 2017, Doctors across France  are able to prescribe physical activity to patients. One of these prescribe-able activities can be archery.

I’ve already touched on how good archery can be health wise but how great would it be to drop into the doctors feeling depressed and be given a prescription for ” … an hour of blank boss, fletch a dozen arrows, shoot a Portsmouth round then come back and see me in a week if you dont feel better. We might book you in with a specialist to give you and your bow a tune-up”.

I’d feel a lot more enthusiastic about seeing a doctor under those circumstances.


Shoot 36 of these each day for the next week and see how you feel.

Archery now available as prescribed health activity for doctors in France
Medicinal Archery

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