Congratulations. Your official SuperHero badge is in the Mail.

Some months ago we wrote about the new classifications tables from AGB for outdoor shooting. Now we hear that the new badges to show off your achievements are finally finished – SIX MONTHS LATE but for AGB that’s not too bad! We waited a decade for the new outdoor tables!

Completing the rewrite of the ranking system, the new classification tables for indoors are also done. We’ve been promised by one of the authors that they are now carved into stone, have been taken to the top of Mount Sinai and will be brought down and shared with the masses when AGB get their finger out. ……………. so probably another six months!

How about you buy 5 and I give you 5 free?

The above badges, seen here in the wild for the first time, belong to the lower and middle categories of award. They will be purchasable at Merlin Archery for £2.29** sometime in September .. at least according to page 62 of the Archery UK magazine. These can be shot for in house whereas the top three awards (as yet unseen) have to be shot for at formal competitions and are awarded by AGB.

When the new indoor tables are released, expect there to be a flurry of rounds shot indoors by grim faced GA competitive types as they get this years classifications sorted out ……. Perhaps you should think about it as well. You might have fun pushing yourself to shoot better, get a taste for competition and drag those scores a little further up the ladder. Ask Duncan, our records officer, or any of the the usual suspects for details.

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** 26/8/23 UPDATE : things finally came out in the wash today. The badges will be £2.75 and can be purchased at Merlin Archery

Picture supplied by AIUK’s ArcheryFox who is also one of the authors of the new tables (aka AGB’s Demigod of Righteous Classifications)

Moses Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

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