GA steps it up again?

With Sunday the 27th August being pretty much the end of our outdoor season, we had a small BBQ to celebrate. Captain Sausage got a promotion for the day as he morphed into Major Burger (note that’s b-u-R-g-e-r). John had created a whole heap of home made beefburgers which were pretty damn good.

For a second we thought our Captain had really gone for gold when this van pulled into the carpark but sadly our glee was misplaced. It was just another vehicle in the wrong carpark.

However, lets ponder for a moment – Is bouncy castle archery feasible? So many other activities are improved by adding archery like with archery golf and bow fishing! This could be something new and interesting like Slamball (basketball played on small trampettes). Lets say horse and field bows only to keep it vaguely sensible, 122cm targets at 30m, up to 2 minutes continuous bouncing at least 30cm in the air to get 3 arrows away. Hmmm. Challenging is not the word. Admittedly, the word is probably “idiotic”! :o)

Unfortunately, with so many pointy things in close proximity to an over-inflated bag of hot air and some very unstable archers (in both meanings of the expression) ….. this would go south very very quickly! Sadly, we will never know for sure as AGB rules are pretty clear on this with all the subclauses of Rule 102 (a), (b), (c), (d) and most of 304 (a) precluding us even thinking about this. We’re sure the AGB rules committee have considered this very scenario and prepared for it.

Its sad to think that the AGB thought police will no doubt be drafting, at this very moment, a stiff epistle of crossness towards our more free thinking members! Lets hope they never find out details of the discussions we had during COVID about archery from the back of Segways! :oD

*          *          *

This is humour. Glasgow Archers do not encourage acts of archery lunacy … although we do have previous in the form of the “Haggenfield Loch Adventure”. Pictures of this eye opener coming soon in the next “history of the club” article entitled “GA in the Swinging Sixties”. Be there or be square daddy oh!

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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