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Let me show you its features!

With Glasgow Archers celebrating its 75th anniversary, its all go. There’s new uniforms, merch, badge hunting, ladder competitions and researching our history in addition to the usual banter and endless chocolate prizes. In this atmosphere of growth, activity and achievement, our R&D division has not been lollygagging.

GA has been called the foremost archery themed dining experience in the UK, so we thought it fitting that our first product onto the market should be Captain Sausage related. So it is with great pride that we unveil Captain Sausage’s Combined Sausage/Bow stand … Aka “The Haudit”.

This is a high-quality steel stand for bow and other equipment. It was conceived to be that extra hand you always need down the field. It has been precisely designed and engineered to support anything from your bow to your coffee to your book to your lunch. This stand is so sophisticated, that the latest generation iPads fit perfectly.

glasgow-sausages-2While The Haudit will not be in any archery store in the near future, you can apply to us directly for this highly adaptable and desirable product. Definitely an item for the archer who has everything especially a hankering for a Sunday morning sausage. Its going to be the next big thing on the line, so grab one today and make all your target partners green with envy.

Please note: the availability of this item is somewhat limited and the extortionate price does reflect that uniqueness. However, should you compare The Haudit to the price of any hoyt product, we think you’ll find our offering unbelievably reasonable with the bonus that its much less likely to let you down at the Olympics.

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Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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