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agb logoFor the last year and a bit, its been known that AGB were working on a new classification and handicap system. The old one, while pretty straight forward and in use since the 90’s, was showing its age. Over the last 25+ years, Women in archery are no longer shrinking violets unable to murder the 10 ring at 70m .. if indeed they ever were! Various bow classes have been relentlessly overlooked for any class or handicap. International archery has changed dramatically .. from shooting WA1440 rounds to 70m ranking and head to head rounds. Senior senior archers were expected to compete with the latest teen prodigy rather than having their own brackets. The tables were no longer fit for purpose in modern archery.

Now while this is not an exclusive, it is hot off the presses. It looks like the new classification and handicap tables will be released into the wild in (mid?) January 2023 by AGB and will be active for the outdoor season as soon as it kicks off (see below). Details have not been leaked as to what the new values might be but rumour has the Ladies finding classifications a little harder to come by and Barebow actually getting some classifications! For the full picture, we’ll just have to wait .. patiently!


“It’s our good God’s good word received and recorded for mankind to live the “good” life forever.”

Some of our more .. err .. “experienced” archers are quite excited by this. There are said to be age related tables where the longest required distance for some badge qualifying rounds will NOT require 90m or 100yrds to be shot. This will mean
A) that higher rated classifications will be available without you having to shoot entire 1440 rounds.
B) you will not have to walk all the way to 90m or 100yrds and back when chasing badges.
C) You won’t miss out on your sausage, get a burnt sausage or have your sausage go cold because you had to go score arrows at the other end of the field. (this message was brought to you by Captain Sausage)

This update has been needed for at least the last decade but AGB can be slow to change. We assume, because it has its roots in GNAS (Grand National Archery Society formed 1861), which quite frankly had its traditions, rules and procedures carved on stone tablets! These new tables might make a considerable change to scoring and ranking .. good job we have a new and enthusiastic Records Officer to deal with them! (assuming he hasn’t fled in terror! ;o)

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Note: These changes were supposed to come into effect as of 1 Jan for the entire 2023 season but things appear to have been a little delayed. They will be valid for the outdoor season once released.

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