For some reason it had never crossed the mind of the editorial team here on the website that there were archery podcasts. We listen to many podcasts .. gaming, military history, economics .. but archery? Nary a thought till this months Bow International (April 2022) highlighted such a thing exists. So with a hat tip of thanks to Bow Int. (their article is to be found here) here’s a few thoughts about podcasts.

nockonHaving listened to quite a few in the last week, the first thing that strikes us is the majority (so far) are compound and hunting dominated. This is no surprise as many of the more popular such as Nock On with John Dudley OR BowJunky with Professional archer/industry insider Greg Poole are hosted by professional archers usually shooting on the American 3D circuit and/or part of the hunting scene. These markets are huge in the US where bowhunters (mostly compounders) contribute more than $13 billion per year to U.S. retail sales. In comparison target archery and recurve are tiny in value so the focus is to be expected.

easton podThere are some that are more general such as Easton Target podcast with George Tekmitchov. Why is this one of interest? Well George is a senior engineer/manager at Easton designing all those arrows we throw about. The podcast can get a little derailed at times as George’s co-host professional target archer Steve Anderson can ramble a bit but its ideal for listening to in the car or on the train.

barebowprojectA much more specific podcast but not compound is The Barebow Project with Frank McDonough on apple podcasts. This podcast’s focus is on barebow and more traditional shooting making it a nice change of pace. As they say themselves “Barebow archery shooting, coaching, and tuning info for barebow archers by barebow archers”. Should be of interest to those of us without sights or stabilizers but less of a tune out podcast and more audio coaching.

bowjunkySo it seems archery podcasts are very much horses for courses. A simple search on the internet will give you a list. Most work from browsers but many are also available via apps like the Podcast App or the Apple Podcast App.  Some channels will be very active, some will be moribund and there will be a lot of hunting/compound. Have a look about and a listen, see what you think. You may find a podcast that you like.

Update: Podbean app on the iphone seems to have quite a a few archery podcasts as well including one pretty NSFW (The Off Center Archers podcast) – you can also listen to it here. Archers be rude! ;o)

Currently our editor is listening to Steve Anderson on Easton rambling on about how his car doesn’t have great acceleration and he has trouble merging with freeway traffic on his way to work. He hopes they get to archery at some point.


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