Explaining those Random 6’s


Oksana was on the field … so golds were being rationed to the other archers.

Ever have one of those days where you are in the zone? 9’s and 10’s flow from your bow like you are the avatar of an archery god or the reincarnation of Robin Hood at the very least.
And then you shoot a 6 (or worse!) out of nowhere!

One minute you were attracting jealous and hateful glances, the next, pity and questions about whither you had ever shot a bow before. WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN? Was there kryptonite in that arrow? Well there could be a simple, admittedly supernatural, answer …


With many archers chasing golds this evening … even blues became aspirational! 

… Its been said that every end of arrows shot has an allotment of golds from the archery gods. This number can vary but the gods have decreed the number is capped. Scarce resources, infinite demand! This means rationing and some people can miss out. This end, it might be your turn to miss out on sweet sweet gold. That’s when your guaranteed 10-10-10 becomes a 10-10-6. Ah, archery can be such a fickle mistress.
Also, since the archery gods are omnipotent and wise to that early bird proverb, its not necessarily first come first served. Therefore there’s no point to rushing to get dibs on some early 10’s … the archery gods know your scores before you do (and they keep track!)

So, next time that rogue arrow turns up and derails your potential PB, remember the archery gods might simply have decided that it was your turn for that rolling brown out of skill! It wasn’t your fault. Just smile, thank the gods it wasn’t worse then set about trying to collect more than your fair share of golds next end.

Our Editor is notorious for the 10-10-6 end although in his case its more about what’s going on between his ears than divine intervention.

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