Archery better than Gym?

moff hamster2With so many people considering new year resolutions to get fit, I wonder how many have considered archery. Archery is quite unique because it brings physical, mental and social benefits coupled with an inclusivity that’s hard to beat.

Focus, confidence, patience and relaxation** are just some of the mental benefits archery brings let alone making good use of that OCD. Physically? You get improved strength, hand eye coordination and endurance … think how far you walk collecting all those arrows at 70m. A calorie ripper par excellence!

All of the above can be practiced in archery by everyone, no matter age, gender, ableness or ability. Its a social sport. Its a relatively inexpensive sport. Its a cool sport that makes you interesting – say to someone “I’m an archer” and theres instant “ooOOOoo, thats different”. We even have our own superheroes – Hawkeye (Marvel Avengers), Green Arrow (DC Comics), Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), Abigail Whistler (Blade Trinity) and for the disney princess fraternity – Princess Merida.

So consider all those poor people starting expensive gym memberships this week after their new years resolutions. They would be better off having fun with us on the line rather than straining muscles pumping boring weights/trudging on that treadmill.

**Editors note: Yes I know we have some members who seem really uptight about their archery but I’m sure they have a zen like calm inside no matter the bad language.
HAHAHAHHAHA!!! … sorry, couldnt type that and keep a straight face.

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