First Night Back …

Dateline : Craigholme, Wednesday 8th, 6pm

Our first night back shooting.

So what should you be doing tonight?

•  Take it easy as you probably over indulged and exercise was limited to lifting fork or glass to mouth. (limit number of arrows shot and arrows per end)
•  Focus on good execution as your form will be sloppy and the bow will feel like it weighs a 100 tonnes. (a good night for blank boss practice – see a coach or mentor for details of how to do this)
•  Consider your bow if you dont normally do regular maintenance. Give it a major check up. String, screws, bolts, sights, arrows … spot anything iffy or if you arent confident, ask for an opinion from an experienced archer or coach.
•  Finally a good night to talk to someone new or someone you never really speak to. We are a social sport (except for the dribbly competitive types) so be social. The club is what YOU make it.

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