First Night Back …

Dateline : Craigholme, Wednesday 8th, 6pm

Our first night back shooting.

So what should you be doing tonight?

•  Take it easy as you probably over indulged and exercise was limited to lifting fork or glass to mouth. (limit number of arrows shot and arrows per end)
•  Focus on good execution as your form will be sloppy and the bow will feel like it weighs a 100 tonnes. (a good night for blank boss practice – see a coach or mentor for details of how to do this)
•  Consider your bow if you dont normally do regular maintenance. Give it a major check up. String, screws, bolts, sights, arrows … spot anything iffy or if you arent confident, ask for an opinion from an experienced archer or coach.
•  Finally a good night to talk to someone new or someone you never really speak to. We are a social sport (except for the dribbly competitive types) so be social. The club is what YOU make it.

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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