Brave – Coaching Report

Date: Sunday 21st
Location: Archery Club of DunBroch Castle (AC/DC)
Weather: Clement with light breeze. Ideal conditions.
Coach: David Hutton

Summary: On my visit to the club, a competition seemed to be in progress so I have had to limit my comments to be observational (see below). Overall, attitude and application was mixed although with seemingly great potential. One in particular showed great skill/positive mental attitude and would be keen to see her develop her skills further. Video of the event can be found here.

Coaching Report:

macguffinYoung MacGuffin: Needs to come to full draw. No discernible anchor point. Given his height, a much longer bow would be a much better option than the comparatively short bow he was shooting. Arrow spine may be too weak for the power of his bow even with his truncated draw. Calm disposition, doesn’t get overly concerned about a wayward arrow. Appears to be coachable.

macintoshYoung MacIntosh: Ryan is obviously a power archer. Release is too jerky and the hand/arm doesn’t move straight back so causing lateral string movement. Somewhat arrogant demeanour covering fragile confidence and does not like to lose. Failure likely to cause after shot tantrum. This affects his mental game and subsequent shots. Have seen similar personality type in my home club so I know these flaws can be overcome … eventually!

wee dingwallWee Dingwall: Not too bad. Tends to pinch the arrow on drawing. Needs to be more positive in attitude. A definite lack of confidence in his shot. Needs to be mindful re spatial awareness – archery kit sticks out at all angles – as well as refine his stance.  Steady at anchor if a bit vague in the actual draw. Needs to focus on what he’s doing as he tends to easily get distracted or even startled by external noise.

meridaMerida: Superb. Smooth style. Instinctive shooting at its best. Focus extremely good ignoring all outside distractions. An enthusiastic and committed archer. Shot extremely strong and dynamic. Worth contacting to see if interested in changing to recurve with an aim to competing nationally should skills transfer?

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