HotFix: Point pulling out


Licking will in no way secure a point!

Arrow points and their shafts sometimes break up. Perhaps one of them feels they no longer want to be in the relationship but its more likely that it happened during removal of the arrow from wood after a dodgy shot. If it was the former, probably should have talked about the issues sooner. If its the latter, the hotmelt glue hasn’t been able to retain its grip on the point as the arrow was pulled from the wood. Normally arrows pull out cleanly from woodwork but it can happen that the glue fails and the point gets left behind. The point fully coming out is an easy repair job requiring new hot melt. More irritatingly, the point can partially come out of the shaft leaving it useless yet so close to being usable! This is also a repair job but, if things are desperate and you need that arrow, there is a hotfix. You just need a lighter …

Take the arrow and lighter somewhere sheltered. Most experienced archers have a lighter in their quiver even if few smoke … except from the ears when raging obviously! Heat up the point for 10-12 seconds … the point only! Try to keep the flame away from the shaft especially if its carbon. Excess heat will murder a carbon shaft. Then quickly using something solid like a tree, wall or the container … push the arrow hard against the immovable object point first. Keep your hands near the front of the arrow (to stop it slipping or bending) when pushing. The point should slip back into shaft and the remaining glue will harden. If the point doesn’t move .. heat up the point again for a couple of seconds longer than last time and have another go. Try not to shoot it into the wood again! ;o)

So there you go … potential breaks ups fixed with a lighter, at least for arrows.

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Hope I have enough glue to fix this arrow.

GA Fun Fact: To the best of our knowledge, arrows made by GA’s Archery Gnu have never lost a point. This is because the amount of hotmelt he uses in securing a point would probably weld two aircraft carriers together!

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