New String = New Zing


… even the compounder said “Dammmmmn!”

Archers can get hung up on small things that interfere with their shots. They feel something is wrong in the bow and it throws them off. Sometimes its purely psychosomatic and in others there is something actually amiss. It could be being unhappy about fletches. It could be clicker position, bracing height, sight pin or a sudden loss of confidence in a nock point.

We had a bizarre one of these Wednesday (Jan 11th), where an archer was claiming to feel vibration in his bow before the clicker was going off. A likely tale as there was nothing unusual visible on the arrows or clicker! Those were the only real moving parts.
On closer investigation looking for issues, the bottom half of the string was separating into the two loops created when the string was made. The top of the string was still twisted normally! The loops separating was a problem but was it THE problem? This effect shouldn’t be physically possible but … there it was! Dodgy wax has been mooted as the issue but ultimately, confidence in the string was completely lost and performance suffered.

The solution to get that confidence back? Friday morning, a new 8125 string was made and fitted onto the bow. Saturday, there was some fiddling with brace height, a few sighting shots and once again we have a happy archer lighting up the target … at least til the “magical field of archery competence”** wears off and its back to his dodgy 10,10,6 shooting as usual.

*          *          *

** Whenever a new piece of kit is bought or made for a bow, the archer will shot better for a period of time. Its been surmised that new kit imbibes the archer with a skill buff that makes them shoot better. But alas, this new kit effect does not last long so requiring the archer to buy more new kit to get that “competence” back. We’re afraid the manufacturers know this and its not for no reason that archery kit manufacturers are referred to as “pushers”. Hoyt’s ad campaign in 2020 may have read “Buy new Hoyt kit every week or you will suck!” … or it may not. Our memory is somewhat hazy on this. ;o) 

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