Showdown on Sausage Sunday


If Brady Ellison has retired, I bet this prize would bring him back

Things can get unnecessarily macho down the field on Sausage Sunday when the sizzle of sausage and the waft of pork is in the air. What started out as an apparent mocking the use of a leaf for a blank boss aiming point quickly turned into a head-to-head shoot off. First to hit the leaf wins chocolate and extra sausages inna bun. Deadly serious stuff indeed!

IMG_1768The leaf selected was a little larger than a 50p piece and so a smidge larger than a 40cm face’s X ring. The distance 18m. Both recurvers were capable of hitting that small a target, but something dawned on them both as they took their first shots. The leaf was WAY smaller than a face’s concentric rings they normally use to aim even with both rocking Gehmann iris valve pins. The leaf was bouncing around inside the sight’s aperture like a bumble bee with a sugar rush and any stability issues the archers had were magnified significantly. Tolerance for error was wafer thin.

Shooting started and arrows were hitting close. When we say close, we mean just out by the thickness of 1 layer of foam. Shots that would have easily been 10’s on a face weren’t good enough. It damn near had to be perfect. Would this magnify known issues with target panic and lack of confidence in shot? Time would tell.


The winning shot … just!

We were about 10 three arrow ends in and the pressure had been mounting. The banter was getting personal and definitely more edgy. The club welfare officer was on speed dial just in case it kicked off. The leaf was living a charmed life and seemed untouchable … even though the foam immediately surrounding the leaf was starting to show signs of wear. Then suddenly victory was proclaimed! Cooking sausages were abandoned, and all rushed to check out the claims of victory. The shot had been just perfect enough to clip the leaf. We had a winner.

Prizes were presented although our usual lady paramount was under the weather and wasn’t in attendance to distribute the goodies** – in this case the milky way (pictured) plus a bonus double sausage baguette (eaten before picture could be taken). The defeated archer continued to shoot at the leaf the rest of the morning session and while there were many close calls and fantastic groups, it was only after a total of 93 arrows that there was contact. Leafs cause target panic as well it seems.

sausageSo, Sunday malarkey or a paradigm changing event for Glasgow Archers?

A new competition format for SAA or even AGB?

Well, we’re already eyeing a more permanent trophy. :o)

Watch this space.

*          *          *

** We normally call this waitress service but only when she’s not likely to hear us!

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