Archery at Halloween

zombiesIf you ask around any archery club why the archers took up archery you will get varied answers. Competition, interest in history, Marvel/DC characters and health will all feature in various ways and degrees. One reason however will always be lurking in the shadows. We all know it’s why we really took up archery, but we can’t let on … ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

And don’t think that archery companies don’t know our dark little secret. Zombie faces and 3d zombie torsos are out there to be had. Some of the 3d models even bleed!

So, it is with our dark secret, and Halloween as a backdrop, we recommend you go watch possibly the bestest zombie/archery crossover video ever made.

zombie hunterThis short video is nothing short of genius. Released on Jan 1st 2015, Merlin (yes, the archery suppliers) took “a tongue in cheek look at how you can use your different types of archery equipment in the event on a Zombie Apocalypse”. You can think of this as just some fun. You can think of this as humour. Or you can think of this as a training video for the zombie apocalypse and the day we trade in our AGB cards for Zombie Hunter licenses. Disturbingly, our editor already has his!

So, gear up people, good hunting but let’s all be safe out there when it comes!

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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