Dominating Korean Ladies

Sounds like this website has taken a kinky turn but in Archery, this is less about getting spanked by a leather clad lady you call “Mistress” and more about getting yo ass wupped good on the international archery field!

olympic ladiesThe team competition in Olympic archery was first held in 1988 at the Seoul Olympics. On home soil, the South Korean ladies took gold. This started an unbroken run of gold medals in the team category. That’s 8 consecutive Olympics where the ONLY winner of the Archery Ladies Team Gold Medal from its inception has been South Korea. This is unprecedented in the modern Olympic era and a display of total domination. But is there going to be a change this year?

The Chinese team has prepared like never before with 20 days continuous competition to select the toughest competitors they have. Chinese Taipei have been pretty damn strong during the World Cup and Olympic qualification. India is anchored by Deepika Kumari who is arguably the best woman archer in the world right now …….. yet it doesn’t matter a jot it seems. South Korea is going to take another ladies team gold and there’s no-one who can stop them.

Hang on! That’s a pretty bold statement to make with not a single arrow shot yet. Well, as we are all probably aware bookmakers are not free with their money. Odds are refined to the nth degree and long odds bets are just that ….. loooooooooong. A quick glance at the current odds on the ladies team archery would have other countries just giving up and going home.

Taking one on-line betting website as representative, it has the Korean ladies favourites at 1.84. That means if you put on a bet of £100, you would get your money back plus £84. That’s pretty much a bookies sure thing, a dead cert, guaran-damn-teed!
In second place Chinese Taipei at 4.11 – a bet of £100 gets your money back plus £311.
In third place India at 4.69 – a bet of £100 gets your money back plus £369.
After that its simply giving your money to the bookies with little chance of getting anything back :-
Best of the rest Russia and Germany are at 10.46 – a bet of £100 gets your money back plus £946. (Hmmm, the club does need a few things … worth a punt I wonder?)

So its the less than favourite Taipei or India otherwise South Korea rolls relentlessly on to a ninth consecutive gold …….. at least according to the bookies! So bet the mortgage** and fill yer boots! You can trust me guv’n’r … or me names not ‘onest ‘arry the bookie.

** That’s a joke. Seriously don’t bet the mortgage. Even our editor who is a huge korean lady archer fanboi wouldn’t do that!

Edited to Add: (5 days after I wrote the above article I checked the odds again. The Koreans had shortened to 1.546, but Taipei were now 4.88, India 5.71 and the best of the rest to 12.6. The bookies seem to think that sure thing is getting surer all the time!)

2021 ladiesPost Olympic Edit: Those pesky bookies had it right all along!

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