Lack of Developments

not the last arrows

9,9,10 … (not) the last end of arrows shot at Craigholme (we hope)

Another month on and there’s little new news regarding Craigholme. With Covid lockdown probably causing the sale to drag, there’s inevitably many loose ends to tie up on a sale of this size let alone contract confidentiality. We just have to be patient.

As was posted on our facebook site“sadly no news, which is depressing and frustrating in equal measures.”

We’d like to be getting things done for the club but chances are we wont hear anything till March. However, if all is well and we get to stay, that would set us up nicely for a socially distanced clean out of the containers followed by the start of the outdoor summer season.

So many things crossed right now I am shutting off blood flow to my extremities!

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