Track those Personal Bests

Ever shot a nice Bray 1** for Badge Night to gain your blue badge but when you went to submit your score you had lost the sheet? Wished for somewhere where all your scores could be accessed by the club? Wanted somewhere other than your phone to keep your personal bests given phones get corrupted and lost and occasionally fall into rivers and toilets? (an ex-boss was a master of this) … well, we have a solution.

archery score pad

Catherine has set up an account with Archery Score Pad for the club. This is a free online archery score-keeping and performance-tracking scoring software. This will allow you to enter information on any one of 200 rounds and store that information safely. Our group within the software is called Glasgow Archers 1948 (there’s an old account called Glasgow Archers in there but its moribund, just ignore it).

So if you’d like somewhere to store your scores and incidentally make our lives a little easier come Badge Night then to sign up is free and easy, here’s how you can join …

… Just go to the above website and register. Once registered, mouse over GROUPS on the toolbar and click on LOCAL GROUP DIRECTORY. Scroll down till you find the UK and in that you’ll find GLASGOW ARCHERS 1948. Select and that will become your group. Hopefully you’ll recognize the names of some of the groups members.

At present Catherine holds all the group records ……. but not to worry. Records are there to be broken. ;o)

** Badge Night Round: The round you shoot on badge night (30 arrows at 20 yards on a 40cm face) is a Bray 1.

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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