Happy Birthday Easton

Easton-Vintage-logo-BlueEaston Archery .. supplier of arrows to World champions, Olympic gold medal winners, Internationalists, Club Archers, Noobs and our Editor .. is 100 years old.

Founded in 1922, Easton has always been about archery although they have flirted with aluminium ski poles, baseball bats, golf club shafts (SERIOUSLY?), mountaineering gear and ice hockey skates & sticks! Fortunately for us, they like archery more. Easton created many of the features we take for granted in our arrows today like screw in points, aluminium and Ali/Carbon shafts.

4919_001Without being too fanboi about it, in the modern era of archery Easton’s impact has been significant. From its ground breaking and best selling shaft in history, the aluminium XX75, released in 1958 and still recommended to new archers to this day! Through the X7 ali that won every medal at the 1972 and ’76 Olympics when they shot 90m! The “my first A/C” arrow, the sturdy and now sadly discontinued ACC. The reliable Navigator/ACG also sadly gone. The lightweight and speedy ACE. The competition standard X10 that after 20+ years in production is STILL winning everything including all 30 medals at the 2020/1 Tokyo Olympics … Its a list of arrows that defines modern archery.

Admittedly Easton own Hoyt which they acquired in 1983. For our Win&Win loving editor this is forever a black mark against the company, although he has been heard to mutter “no ones perfect” when the subject has been brought up. Now onto the third generation of the Easton family running the business, you kinda feel that Easton may be archery’s equivalent of the Tower of London’s ravens. If they ever leave, calamity and disaster will befall us.

Happy Birthday Easton. To celebrate, a few of us will gather at a large open field this evening and shoot some of your products … probably no where near as well as you imagined they would be shot when you designed them! But shoot Easton arrows we shall.

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