covid-gd8fd962a6_640So here we are. A year on from Glasgow Archers being homeless with crumbling containers. Another year of Covid idiocy with confusing instructions in how to organize shooting. No competitions. AGB slowly haemorrhaging members as they charge full price for membership while advising no-one shoot unless hoops are jumped through! Its not been an easy year for any archery club. Especially after the previous one!

On the plus side for GA, we now have new containers. We currently have indoor and outdoor facilities at H@PP. Badges are being earned left and right. One archer’s scores are making the rest of us look so bad, people are hitting the gym, getting coaching and even fixing that 10 year tuning issue. (Damn you Peterson, we were happy being mediocre! ;o) … Its all go.

So is 2022 the year we get back to normal? Even semi-normal? Right now, who knows but one thing we can guarantee assuming no more draconian dictates from on high: we at GA will be out in the field or (if allowed) back in the hall doing what we love … bitching, moaning, gossiping, drinking caf, BBQ’ing and even shooting a few arrows here and there. :oD

Have a good New Year and hopefully we’ll see you on our line once the hangover lifts.

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