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This picture shows focus, is dynamic and features Ki Bo Bae … Perfection!

Archery pictures tend to be a little boring. Usually taken from the side when that archer is at full draw, it gets a bit repetitive. Just do a search on international archery pictures and its the same picture time and time again. In issue 150 of Bow International, some really good ideas were showcased for how to use framing, angle and even non shootie moments to capture something a little different. However this website has a slightly different take on what makes a good picture … we’re looking for comedy, irony, pathos … even anguish as long as its archery related and will get a grin.

So with that in mind, here are a few moments in time caught this summer …

archers tan   
An archers tan. We can be pretty sure the rest of this archer is a translucent white unless as a scot, he is a pale blue colour due to the freezing summer temperatures.
This happened to his draw hand because of long sleeved compression tshirts and the fact we shoot facing the north (sun to the rear at all times). There is also a risk of redneck … yeehaa!    

pin point 60m accuracy


This pin point accuracy at 60m from the club chair would be so much more impressive had he had been aiming at the strapping instead of 2 feet lower.
(admittedly he’s now doing the same at 90m)


the cupboard was bare


This very sad archer had just shot back to back 300+ scores to win her 252 badge. Normally a happy moment for any archer BUT on this occasion the keeper of the badges hadn’t packed the things. We suspect next time he’ll have the badges but the archer will have forgotten her offering to the archery gods. Queue photo op #2

giving thanks


When the frustration gets a little much for the average archer, rude words are said. When you get a frustrated OCD archer, it can get a bit frisky with bows and tantrums thrown. And then there is our Vice Chair. When he turned the corner on what had been a very substandard outing at 70m, thanks be was given to the goddess of archery Bo-Bae of Ki.   



Sometimes archers can hit that perfect shot. It might be in the middle of a miserable end, it could be the first sighter of the day flies straight and true or even the last arrow before packing up in a huff is god tier. This archer found that shot ending the life of this face’s spider. We have submitted this image to the Oxford English Dictionary to illustrate the definition of the word “Smug”. 

dances with badges


We’ arent exactly sure about wither to title this one “Dances with Badges” (note arrow with medal ‘scalps’) or “Ghengis Dave”.
We have thought of getting him a tennis umpire’s high chair … all the better to survey his domain!




World No1 Brady Ellison being defeated by a Glasgow Archer in the World Cup (before realizing he’s hasn’t studied for an exam … and he’s naked!). 



Not the same arrow. These were shot 4 days apart by the same longbow archer on target 4 at the same distance (70m). Art of Repetition indeed!
(proof: the bosses have different coloured strapping)

ps: If you can finish the movie quote the title of this post begins … have 50 GA merit points. (stumped? Try shaying it in a shcottisshh accshent! ;o) 

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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