Working from Home … International Archery Edition


International archery in 2020 is pretty dead in the water right now. There are no competitions going on and nothing even tentatively planned till September but that hasn’t stopped World Archery from getting their compete on.

WA is running an online tournament featuring 8 compound archers – four men and four women – who will be invited to take part if they qualify (like these guys wont qualify!!!! Qualification will be for ranking). Invites went to Mike Schloesser, Anders Faugstad, Domagoj Buden and Steve Anderson for the men. Sara Lopez, Paige Pearce, Linda Ochoa-Anderson and Toja Ellison are the four women. The Lockdown Knockout, as its being called, will be streamed live on the federation’s digital channels.

Schedule for the event starting with qualification is as follows:

  • 1-4 May – Qualification period (filmed)
  • 9-12 May – Quarterfinals (live)
  • 14-15 May – Semifinals (live)
  • 17 May – Final (live)

Matches will be filmed on mobile phones and the live broadcast will be produced from a remote location. Given the archers will be on various continents, I think thats taking social distancing a bit far! Coverage will be available live on World Archery’s YouTube and Facebook platforms so worth checking out perhaps? Get those archery juices flowing again.

The final will be a battle of the sexes  (my money’s on the girls) with the winner receiving 1000 swiss francs and the runner-up 500. Why do I think the girls have an edge? A stipulation of the competition is thin carbons must be used. Blokes are used to higher poundages (60lbs) allowing them to use fatter arrows so getting more line cutters. Even Sara Lopez, best lady compounder right now shoots only 53lbs and Paige Pearce 55lbs. They wont be losing as big a crutch having to use thinner carbons.
A short WA video on the event can be found here.

Short speeded up videos of qualification and quick chat:
Linda Ochoa-Anderson qualification here
Toja Ellison’s qualification here
Paige Pearce qualification here
Sara Lopez qualification here
Mike Schloesser qualification here
Dom Buden qualification here
Anders Faugstad qualification here
Steve Anderson qualification here

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