moff hamster2A year ago I wrote “So as this Annus Horribilis finally winds down … Good Shooting in 2020“.
Writing the above, I was looking back sadly over the old and (like Janus) expectantly towards the new. Its kind of funny to think just how blissfully unaware of the impending future we were.

To make matters worse on top of the normal COVID 2020 misery, Glasgow Archers now find themselves homeless after the closure and sale of Craigholme School. Many Scottish clubs haven’t reopened. Some of them may never recover and archery membership numbers in general are falling. Still its a bit better than our English cousins have at present as they can’t shoot at all under some bizarre “fairness” criteria which lumps archery/tennis/golf in with sports with a high “nearness” factor like rugby!
Of course we all live in fear of waking up one morning with a cough, a temperature and nothing (alcoholic) in the fridge. “Hi, is that Morrisons? When can you do me a home delivery? ……….. MARCH!?!”

I think the best you can wish an archer right now is they get inoculated asap, their club and range reopens soon to a busy (yet distanced) line and the fridge is comfortably full of alcohol just in case. Not exactly a traditional new year toast! 

I’d like to close with “Good shooting in 202x” to you all … but I think I jinxed it last year. So here’s a traditional Scottish toast hopefully to a better year for us all**Lang may yer lum reek! Cheers.

** (unless you’re in a head to head with me where I hope your sight block falls off! ;o)

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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