First Night Back

Dateline: 1st July Pollock, Glasgow … Roving band of bow armed ruffians take control of park … film at 11.

backwards strung

Something not right here but cant figure it out!

Archery returned to Craigholme last night for the first time in over 3 months. Probably the longest break in the clubs history since it moved to Craigholme in 1973.

It was chilly with grey skies, breezy and a spit of rain in the air. Typical scottish weather for July but after 100+ days of lockdown there was going to be archery no matter what. To be honest, even a monsoon wouldnt have stopped us! (not that it would have been the first time either!)

Getting set up took forever. The containers needed reorganized. Bosses needed to be wrapped in plastic (to aid in cleaning). Guy rope pins are missing as were the outdoor target pins so workarounds were found. Shooting lanes needed to be created and then the real hard work began … how does my bow go together again?

Arrows were shot. Archery grief was experienced. There was complaining/whynging/ moaning about the wind/rain/form/strength/grass/bosses/weight/alcohol consumption/other archers … (you know, archers at their happiest ;o). It was great to be back even if we were all knackered by 7pm but had the option to shot on til 9pm.

Next session is Sunday, I’m booked in and most importantly, I’ve got my complains and excuses all ready.

Glasgow Archers

We are an amateur archery club based in the centre of Glasgow.

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