Shooting in 2020

moff hamster2Welcome to the newly revamped Glasgow Archers website.

Your editorial team (well ….. me!) has been hard at work over the holidays adding new content that I hope will be of interest. This will continue over the next week or so as I add more.

So! …. As we have a new year approaching so its time to ponder just where your archery is right now.

To those experienced archers, its time to consider resolutions. Archery resolutions. So whats it to be? Shoot more, shoot better, shoot competitions .. its up to you. Time to make an attempt on that next plateau me thinks.

For those still new to the sport in 2020, remember that you do not exist in a Hoover …. sorry … a vacuum. There is an entire club to help out with questions, technique, practice, kit purchase (a bow is for life, not just at xmas) or setting up/tuning that shiny new bow. Just Ask!

Now this webpage will be more a static resource with the dynamic stuff happening on facebook BUT any suggestions, requests, reports of broken pages and obviously complaints should be sent into the club email address. There the club secretary will read them and then either pass them on OR look aghast and then shout at me for a while.

So as this Annus Horribilis finally winds down … Good Shooting in 2020

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