Why You Suck at Archery

Why You Suck at Archerywhy you suck.jpg
Steve Ruis
Paperback: 108 pages
Price … £9 approx

Right from the opening, Section 1 lists 28 carefully described flaws in many archers form and technique then makes suggestions about how to go about stopping being so sucky. While section 2 puts together a mental approach to shooting and given that archery is such a psychologically intensive sport, this is no bad thing.

Not sugar coating pointing out your potential flaws is he!

At just a 100 pages (including adverts for other books) with negligible pictures or diagrams and no advice on the the magical “right” way to do things, its a bit light in the thickness department. However the tone is entertainingly light-hearted and there’s lots to consider. Now when we say “consider” we mean there’s lots about your archery form and the methodology in the way you go about your craft that you really need to give careful thought to after reading this book.

At £9 its not massively expensive and we think worth a minor splurge of the same amount of money you would spend on a dozen pin nocks. If even one flaw in your game is corrected by this, then its a well spent 9 squid.

Ah, if only I still had my copy. It walked out and left me some time ago I’m afraid. (update: cheap copy in very good condition found on 2nd hand book site! WooHoo!)

The book is available at Amazon and you can look inside the book with the appropriately named “look inside” function within Amazon.