Shooting the English Longbow

shoot english longbow.jpgShooting The English Longbow
Pip Bickerstaffe
Paperback: ??? pages
Price … varies wildly

Not knowing much about longbows, I did find a review of the book online. It says this … “if you are a new-comer to this engrossing field sport, you could do a lot worse than make “Shooting the English Longbow” your introduction to the art. No book, of course, can ever be a complete substitute for careful, personal coaching, but all the basics are covered here: choice of equipment, basic shooting techniques, the various types of longbow archery (target, field, clout, heavy bow), a selective and discerning bibliography of other texts described as “worth reading” – oh how many are not – and some very interesting pages drawn by Mrs. Bickerstaffe from the coaching notes of the National Field Archery Society, something every teacher in the land could peruse with advantage.
If there are lacunae
(wow, awesome word – means gaps. Ed), they would be a paucity (this dude is on a roll! means lack) of diagrams to illustrate some of the sections on aiming etc., though the monochrome photos are helpful, and something on the kind of fitness training and strength-building that can usefully enhance a bowman’s performance.”

Seems a pretty positive review. If you are wondering “does Bickerstaffe knows anything about archery?” … check out his business and his Youtube channel.

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