A very unique Robin Hood

A Robin Hood – Movie “Brave”

Hopefully everyone knows what a “Robin Hood” is. In case you don’t, its where an arrow hits a previously shot arrow and destroys it. Its named for the folk hero Robin Hood who, in a classic tale, split an arrow in the centre of the boss to win an archery competition.
In modern archery, while not as rare as in the story, they are still uncommon enough** to be worth celebrating … and commiserating with the archer whose arrow just got destroyed. But once in a while a Robin Hood comes along that is unique … and we had one Wednesday!

So here be the tale of Scott the occasionally unerring …

End of the evening Wednesday, Scott switched to Geo’s target, for variety, as that face was a different size to the one he had been shooting. On his second arrow hitting the boss, nowhere near the first, there was a horrendous metallic sound … but Geo had all his arrows. What had just happened?

Checking the boss, there had been no passthrough nor had the arrow struck anything but foam. Roleplaying Sherlock Holmes .. “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” .. Geo pushed the arrow through the boss and this picture shows what we found.

This is not the normal point for this sort of arrow. This is a field point from a wooden arrow. Somehow it had become detached from its shaft and remained in the boss when its arrow was pulled. Scott shot his arrow straight into the back of this point. Mystery solved HOWEVER this could be called a Robin Hood and an impossibly unique one at that.

Scott shot into the back of an “invisible” arrow, there being no shaft to actually hit, then into the point which was also invisible, deep in the boss. There is no more perfect Robin Hood than shooting right down the shaft and into the point! Effectively, this is what Scott just did.

So congratulations to our fluffiest club member for achieving something so very unique and damn near impossible to replicate … at least til someone else loses a point in a boss and then someone gets that million to one shot.

 *          *          *

** At least for anyone not shooting with telescopic sights! Looking at you compounders!

Current suspects for the owner of the field point include Wee Dave and Bill … get your choice into the pool soonest!


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