Time at the Field is never Wasted

Our Vice chair is not known these days for lightning reflexes. It can be a good couple of minutes from his clicker going off to him shooting … but sometimes he has perfect timing. Be it a witty (if dodgy) comment, a put down of his sausage fixated sidekick or the framing of a picture. Today it was the third.

He was trying for a post release picture of Duncan’s shot when he snapped this:

There’s lots to see here. Looking at this shot you can see the elbow being a bit high likely causing a less than smooth release. His draw hand has moved away from his face plucking the string in the horizontal. He may well have dropped his bow hand on release as it seems a little low. Finally, the bow is starting to tip back meaning he may be pushing with the heel of his hand driving the arrow high or he needs some more weight on his longrod to balance the bow a little better.

And these are all good things to think about … but our intrepid cameraman also caught something else. Lets blow it up for you.

Top left corner, picked out by the bright sunlight. That’s an Easton ACC arrow midway to the target. It was aimed at the middle target (hitting a high 8) showing how much the arrow is likely to drop even this close (18m). The flight time, twang to thud, is around a 1/3rd of a second at that distance so the reaction time for the pic was about two tenths of a second.

Proof that our elderly, sloth like camera-man might still have a functioning central nervous system or as is more likely … he just got lucky!

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